A Posh Point of View

ppovsquareIt’s not easy being a Peterborough United fan, although it’s never boring. I’ve been supporting Posh for 15 years. My first game, away at Notts County 01/02 season I believe, I was around 9. I couldn’t tell you the result as my experience was overshadowed – I choked on my half time snack – a rather large hotdog, but I fell in love that day… With Posh, not the hotdog.

Ever since that day in Nottingham, I’ve gone as much as I possibly could, with spells working as part of the Security team at London Road, being forced to watch the crowd & not the glittering football taking place behind me, being asked by half-cut fans on which team I support, whispering “Posh” under my breath,  hoping they didn’t hear. The day was long enough, standing on the back gate of the old Moys end, it was like a wind tunnel back there. I was in position at 1pm, ridiculously early, the wind whistling around the Moys end, almost spookily. At times, when packed with 3,500 fans, being on that back gate was very intimidating. Without having 50 meatheads surround me & rip me to bits because I’m a Posh fan & hope their team get leathered by the blue gods. I didn’t last long in that job, trying not to celebrate a Posh goal was unbearable. I got hit with a rubber duck & an inflatable banana all in the same game – an early round tie in the capital one cup against Southend United. I still remember the bloke who threw said duck at me, I hope I bump into him one day, hopefully I’m armed with inflatables.

I also remember one game against Derby County, they were a right loud bunch, proper giving it to the Posh fans. I was mixing it with them in the Moys end and I found myself getting wound up by them, so when Posh scored I just couldn’t help myself giving them a Tim Henman style fist pump, although it looked more like a Westlife ‘Air Grab’. I soon regretted it come full time when I was ordered to direct their fans’ coaches out of the car park. Nowadays I try to enjoy watching Posh as a fan again.

When I think of recent seasons, the 2011 play-off final stands out. I was 18 at the time, we had enjoyed knocking out Milton Keynes (refuse to call them Dons) which was so, so sweet. The return leg at London Road has to be the best performance I’ve seen in my 15 years as a Peterborough fan. I booked my match & coach ticket for Old Trafford, it felt like it was meant to be – a Ferguson winning at Old Trafford – it’s something we are all used to seeing. I had to order a seat on the end of a row, given my 6″9 frame, I need all the room possible. The journey there was absolutely horrendous; it took around 5 hours from my door to Old Trafford. I took the coach 19, on my own as I had no Posh-supporting mates. The seats on the coach were built for vertically challenged people, cramp set in after about an hour, pure agony. But my god was it worth it! All that stands out from that day, other than the horrendous cramp, was watching Grant McCann, our talisman, curl in the most sublime free kick. I got hugged within an inch of my life by the fattest man I’ve ever seen, I was covered in pukka pie, but I didn’t care, we were in the Championship and that’s all that mattered!

Soccer - npower Football League One - Play Off - Final - Huddersfield Town v Peterborough United - Old Trafford

More recently “Glad all over” rings in my ears. That fateful day at Selhurst Park, I was at a friend’s house, all football fans but none of them Posh fans. I found myself cracking open more tins of cider the longer the afternoon went on. It all started so well, Tomlin playing like Messi, I thought everything was going to be fine, Peterborough United were staying up… how wrong I was. I still believe there’s a hangover from that day at Posh, even to this day. I know that’s been rubbished by the Posh hierarchy, but it rocked the club to its very core. It had been said all season how important it was to have the 3rd season in the Championship, as statistically from then on, you can build and consolidate as a championship club. However it wasn’t meant to be and we lost our championship status that day. We didn’t return to the following season, losing in the play offs, although we enjoyed success in the mahogany paint trophy – a bit of a pointless cup but me and my mate Kev enjoyed the day out at Wembley, bar paying £5 for a Burger & £3 for a knock-off fruit shoot.

This season has been incredibly painful; once again we started well, but dropped off and quick. The main problem has been tempo, as a team it is similar to that of Shrewsbury Town (thank you so much for taking him off our wage bill) striker Tyrone Barnett. As I write this, we sit 10th in League one, Milton Keynes are flying and we failed to sign any players on transfer deadline day because of that clown at Forest, Fawaz Al-hasawi failing to make payments to us regarding the Assombalonga transfer, allegedly of course (it happened). So I’m understandably down, however we’ve just recorded back to back wins, so hopefully we go on a run from now on.


Darragh has stuck with Darren this season, when I’m 99% sure all the other football league chairmen would have axed him, and rightly so given our results this season. I’m proud that Macanthony hasn’t sacked him, in the early days of his reign he came across as incredibly arrogant and obnoxious, he’d agree with me I’m sure. He was also trigger-happy. He was a young businessman and at the age of 30 had millions in the bank, what did you expect? I am a big fan of the Darragh we have today – a matured version. I like the fact he keeps the fans in the loop on twitter and I think we are extremely lucky to have him. I don’t think we deserve him at times as the abuse he gets off a minority of Posh fans is disgusting, but I hope he’s with us for many years to come. I’ve called for Ferguson’s head once on Twitter this season but so long as he hasn’t lost the dressing room I believe he’s the man to turn this ship around. Play offs is a long shot this season, but if we all stick together and stay United there’s no reason why we can’t push this club to the second tier of English football once again!

by Jarred Farmer