The Fergie Way

df1Saturday 21st February 2015 was a proper shit day. Milton Keynes had just pumped us 3-0 so I went to work in a bad mood, knowing it couldn’t be too long before Fergie got the chop. I found out later on that night when a Posh fan came up to me and told me the news…

I didn’t believe it to start with, so I quickly whipped my phone out to check Sky Sports News to confirm it. I was genuinely gutted. I could have shed a tear or two but working as a doorman that wouldn’t have done me any favours. Having said that, I agreed with Mr MacAnthony’s decision. In fact I’d have sacked him a few weeks prior, but it marks the end of an era.

For me; Darren Ferguson is the best manager Peterborough United have ever had. Achievement wise he’s the most successful. Only Chris Turner has a better win ratio. Ferguson took charge of Posh 367 times, winning 161, drawing 73 and losing 133. His win ratio was an impressive 44%. Those statistics aren’t to be played down, not at our level. Which included tough times punching above our weight in the Championship – a place we don’t belong, budget wise.

I’m a big fan of Darren’s. He’s helped build this club on and off the pitch and put smiles on a lot of faces, playing terrific football and securing those famous back-to-back promotions. Baring in mind when Darragh brought him to the club in January 2007, his only other managerial experiences was coaching the Wrexham u14’s. He brought life into the club, introducing a new playing style. He (and MacAnthony as well I must add) has built a philosophy that’ll last for many years. When Darragh interviews his successor I’m sure one of his demands will be to be play football in a similar way to what Fergie likes – the way he got us playing in the good old days.

He has worked tirelessly off the field also with the stadium and the new training facilities. He’s won us a trophy in the form of the Johnstone’s Paint. He’s worked absolute wonders at this football club, made us compete comfortably in the Championship at times, and I still feel if that day at Selhurst Park had gone slightly differently things could have gone the other way, in a big way.

df3That squad we had assembled was special. But it wasn’t meant to be. We’ve enjoyed fantastic times under the stewardship of Fergie; away at Hereford, away at Colchester, Old Trafford & Wembley – memories we’ve all shared together. Remember we are little old Peterborough United, we’ve come a long way. Some will say but we are still in League one, they’re correct, but we’ve moved on from those days in League two.

The stadium is secure, we have an option to buy it from the council, they’re improving it. We finally have a training ground to be proud of, we’ve got a successful youth system with 5 or 6 products in and around the youth team. One of which already moving onto a Premier league club in a deal that’ll finance the youth set up for years to come. Our club has a philosophy, a great reputation, we have an identity, along with Darragh MacAnthony, that is down to Darren Ferguson. He’s brought so much to this football club and I’m sure I speak for many Posh fans when I say thank you to him. He will always be massive part of our history.

Darren Ferguson has been affiliated with this club for 8 years and that’s rare in this day & age. My only problem with Fergie is how incredibly stubborn he was. I think he’d prefer to not make a substitution that everyone is screaming for, just so he can say he’s done it his way. But hey, the Fergie way wasn’t bad was it? I feel like I’ve gotten off a mental rollercoaster, with many ups & downs along the way. I’m off to lie down in a dark room and get ready for the next chapter in this fantastic football club’s history.


By Jarred