Krakow Veterans Win LiquidFootball Trophy 2015

krakowvets2015Congratulations to Boston’s Krakow Veterans – lead by one of our own Tom Deamer (as seen on TV) – for winning the first ever LiquidFootball Trophy Tournament. The Boston boys were convincing 6-2 winners over FC Buh, who also had a superb tournament, in weather that can only be described as SCORCHIO! 

It was well worth the effort by the Krakow Vets as they lifted the ‘ashes urn’-esque trophies aloft to rapturous applause. The plan to burn the nets and put the ashes inside the trophies was scrapped as we realised Power League wouldn’t have been too happy with us setting their things on fire. And the fact the hot ash would’ve melted the plastic solid silver.

Krakow’s Dean Grainger also won the golden boot award, scoring 10 times. Whilst Hereward Radio’s Andrew James gets goal of the tournament, with a cheeky strike straight from the kick off. Troy Lonslow of Spalding Wanderers A gets Player of the Tournament with some superb performances.

Unfortunately FC Liquid Football didn’t have their best day, failing to get out the group stage. But a brilliant effort from all of our boys, with a superb goal from Captain Kev.

Huge thanks to all of the players for turning up, playing their socks off and for donating towards this years chosen charity – it’s stingers next year for those who didn’t donate!!! Also an extra mention to Rob Green and Spalding Wanderers for literally saving the day and splitting their team into two, with a few additions, when one side pulled out last minute.

Massive thanks as well to Ruth and all at Power League, referees Josh, Joe and Matt who did a fantastic job – we owe you a beer! Soph for photos (to be uploaded soon), the media college guys for filming (video of the day will be released soon), Dave aka Barry Fry-up for transport and general help, Ian Green for zipping around like a blue-arsed fly to chase the balls from spanner-shots. Thanks to anyone else we may have missed who helped in any way, to any one who donated, and to those who just came to spectate and show the lads some support. And of course, to the event sponsors: Jay Farmer Kitchens & Bathrooms, Hereward Radio, Rusty Relics, Betta Cars, Pinchbeck Pig Roast Company, Oasis Beauty & Day Spa, Pandora Plants, Julia Farmer Spiritual Medium, The Punchbowl, Sign Design and Uk Pizza – without their support, we couldn’t have made it happen.

A great day was had by all and we raised a nice £250 for Callum Pite’s Smile Charity to boot. Well done, everybody. Here’s to the Liquid Football Trophy 2016!

Click here for full results!