Scottish Press Blame Failure to Qualify on Bairn

scotland1Scotland newspaper The Daily Record have hinted that their elimination, from the European Championship qualifiers, could have been caused by a young scamp, who invaded the pitch during their match with Poland, to grab a selfie with Robert Lewandowski…

Scotland were leading the game 2-1 until the very last kick of the game, when none other than Lewandowski himself scrambled in the equaliser, meaning the Scots’ already-thin hopes of qualifying for France ’16 were dashed.

scotlandAnd the ‘Record are blaming the young, “selfish” fan for causing additional time to be added on, which they claim could have cost Scotland a chance to compete in their first major tournament since 1998.

But it’s a shameful clutch at straws, considering the Scots have only mustered one win this year, against (questionable football nation) Gibraltar, and totaling just three victories all campaign – losing to Georgia along the way.

And to rub salt in the wounds, with England and Northern Ireland already in the pot, and Wales on the brink, it’s looking likely that  they will be the only home-nation that won’t be in France next summer. On the bright side, at least they’ll have independence.