Jamie Fullarton Appointed New Notts County Manager


We never seem to learn, do we? I suppose you can be forgiven for sounding unsympathetic towards yet another appointment that has somewhat dampened the spirits of our loyal supporters around the country. Who, like myself, are mainly very disappointed by the board’s decision to appoint a manager, who evidently lacks meaningful experience of managing at senior level, and therefore clearly does not hold the knowledge on how to be successful and effective within this challenging and trying division. 

I don’t normally endorse pessimism in my columns, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Let us look at the facts as to why this is an adverse appointment; Jamie Fullarton, for starters, is a coach that nobody seems to recognise when mentioned out in the public or social domains. Why? Because he has only managed at under-21 level with Nottingham Forest (which will already set some of the supporters’ blood boiling), and Bolton Wanderers, which, as you will see in this article (http://lionofviennasuite.sbnation.com/2014/10/14/6973723/unpopular-coach-fullarton-sacked-by-bolton-wanderers) Chris Manning (@19manning83), demonstrates his lack of coaching understanding and popularity amongst his players.

Another interesting statistic is that Jamie is a close friend of Dougie Freedman, who ironically, is the current Nottingham Forest manager. Perhaps Mr Trew saw this close relationship between the two, and decided that this could potentially lead to a link-up between the two clubs in the future. Irrespective of this notion, it is fundamentally wrong in the footballing industry to appoint a manager based on this respective stat.

ray-trew_1745921cAccording to our Chairman, Jamie is considered to be one of the ‘brightest young managerial prospects in the country’, with whom Mr Trew doesn’t consider to be a risky appointment, but that it was an ‘unilaterally agreed the decision by the board.’ Well with all due respect to the board and Mr Trew, as much as I, much like the vast majority of us, are thankful and appreciative of the support and stability that you’ve provided for the club over the years, this unusual appointment by yourselves will now result in the loss of attendances, money, and most of all, support of a club that was once a proud coherent amongst the footballing world, has now become a laughing stock for the neutral.

Again, I reiterate the sentiment of other corresponding supporters in response to this executive appointment. Does this new manager encourage more positivity? Does this appointment inspire more ‘bums on seats’ at Meadow Lane? And does this appointment ultimately promote further added optimism of a play off push during the second half of this season? I believe I can speak for a vast majority and quite candidly say not at all.

The thing that is frustrating me about this whole scenario, is the fact that there were other available managers who are better equipped and more qualified to be better suited to this type of job. Mark Cooper, Lee Clark, to name a few, who undoubtedly would have received a lot more backing and support from the Notts faithful – who are now left feeling angry and worried about the future of a club that should not presently be sited in this grim predicament.

Irrespective of Jamie’s backing from other managers, including Lennie Lawrence and Dougie Freedman, this appointment has further encouraged the removal of the Trews and board from the club. I can understand this testimony to a certain degree, and I am still unsure whether to support this course of action, but nonetheless, this new managerial selection has now pushed away the support of fans, which I regretfully say will result in lesser attendances both home and away. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s my opinion.

Perhaps if Jamie can start off his reign with a couple of wins and gojamie-fullarton on an unbeaten run, then maybe he will win some of the fans over, but he will need to start off on a positive note quickly. Otherwise, he will be further lambasted and the doom and glom that is now surrounding the club will increase dramatically.

I feel legitimately sorry for all fellow Notts County supporters today. Perhaps we will all be proven wrong and we will finish in the play off position come the end of the season. However, I can hear a tiny voice in the back of my head shouting, ‘relegation, relegation’. The thought of the Vanarama Conference, with all due respect to the teams in that division, frightens me. A sad day indeed.

On a side note, I have recently overseen on Aileen Trew’s Facebook that her family have been on the receiving end of numerous death threats following this appointment. I find this both repulsive and disgusting, and those who are committing this atrocity should be ashamed of themselves. Regardless of how we feel about this breaking development, death threats and other forms of violence are absolutely unacceptable and are not tolerated in a civilised society. I myself may disagree with this appointment by the board, but I will not be resorted to this course of action, as this is inhumane and anti social behaviour. If you want to protest against an issue, then please do it peaceably by not attending matches. That action will demonstrate a clear message of how the supporters feel about this development, as without supporters, there is no football club.

Thank you for reading.

By Thomas Hewitt (@OriginalT44)