TOP TEN: Football Video Games

As discussed on Sunday’s live broadcast, here is our Top Ten Football Video Games, originally featured in Liquid Football Magazine Issue Five…

threelionsplaystation10 THREE LIONS
This one, like a lot of the titles in this list, makes the cut from nostalgia alone. It was a pretty poor game, if we’re being honest, and the player-graphics were comical at best. Teddy Sherringham’s grinning face, whatever the weather, is a stand out memory for me.

onside_complete_onside_soccer9 ONSIDE SOCCER
To be fair, Onside was fighting a losing battle from day one, as it was released around the same time as FIFA’s ground-breaking effort. Ok, so the gameplay was pretty naff, and the graphics weren’t much better, but where it would lack in that department, Onside would crush FIFA when it came to match-tactics and their version of what would now be known as ‘manager mode’.

this_is_footballTHIS IS FOOTBALL
TIF was never a major player in field, but many fans can still look back on this effort with great fondness. Jumpers for Goalposts – need I say more?


twitter-profileFOOTBALL CHAIRMAN
Mobile apps are the future, we’ve all tasted it. Hire and fire managers whilst in the taxi home from the boozer, select your sponsors whilst taking a dump, and concentrate on taking Skeg Vegas Academical to the Premier League whilst driving to work (not recommended). Football Chairman is a great way to kill time and, best of all, it’s completely free!


612697kyv4l-_sx385_LMA MANAGER
LMA was always going to be small-time when compared to the big boys, but it was still a great game. Where it may have been behind in the managerial depth and detail departments, it made up by allowing the player to have a taste of the virtual boardroom. The best bit; building your own, real stadium. Whether you want to replace that one crap stand, or to give your Division 3 club a brand new ground that you could see from space. LMA finally gave up the ghost in 2007, but we’ll still have our memories of turning Peterborough Tampax stadium into the English Allianz.

world_cup_98_coverartEA’S WORLD CUP SERIES
The World Cup version of FIFA made a welcome change for the fan of international football. Starting from the beginning of the entire qualification process, you could spend hours guiding Peru to the World Cup finals. You could even get Scotland there if you wanted to go really wild.

sensible_soccer_coverSENSIBLE SOCCER
The early 90s, what a period. There was only two ways you would play football back then: on the streets with jumpers for goalposts, and on the Sega Mega drive on Sensible Soccer. A timeless classic that, even these days, amongst the new-gen revolution, can still provide hours of fun.


A long-standing member of the football video game family. Formerly known as ISS Pro, PES has been a major player in the field for the last fifteen or so years. And if you don’t mind playing as Manchester Red Vs London Super Cannons, captained by Wayne Rodney, then PES can be just as enjoyable as the market leaders. In the mid 2000’s it was definitely top of the tree, but in recent years has fallen off the boil somewhat. But it remains amongst the top dogs.

football_manager_2015_coverFOOTBALL MANAGER
Many football manager games have come and gone over the years, but Football Manager, formerly known as Champ’ Manager, has stood the test of time. FM’s year-on-year improvements ensures that the series stays fresh and your virtual managerial career can potentially go from strength-to-strength. Throw on your tracksuit, your flat cap, and let’s take Forest Green Rovers to the Champions League!

The king of kings. It wouldn’t be a shock to many to see the FIFA franchise at the top of the tree. Although, in the mid 2000’s, it almost lost its crown to PES, EA dramatically improved graphics and gameplay. And with the introduction of ‘manager mode’ and continuation of innovation, with the likes of women’s football and ‘The Journey’, FIFA has its grip tight on the top spot of the football video games league. But just one request, EA please bring back indoor mode!

Honourable mentions go out to ACTUA Soccer, Adidas Power Soccer and Premier Manager

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