Q&A: Josh Hales – FC Liquid Football

Q&A with FC Liquid Football’s all-time top goalscorer, Josh Hales, on loan from Findlay Oilers in the U.S of A…

We had you on as a guest back in our radio days and you mentioned America back then, what are your career goals now? Where would you like to end up?
My career goal is to of course play at the highest level, whether that be across the pond or here in England. Having had a good spring over there I’m confident I can do well out here and become professional afterwards if of course I keep working hard on and off the pitch.

How is soccer perceived where you’re based, is it growing over the pond?
Soccer is growing massively over there now, I don’t think it’ll ever be as big as basketball and American football, but as years have gone by it’s fan base has grown as well as the number of players that American teams have attracted and produced. College soccer attracts lots of fans and it’s unbelievable to play at such a good level.

As career highlights go, I’m sure putting on the FC Liquid Football jersey will rank high up the list, you’ve played for us before a scored a shed load, reckon you can take the LFT 2017 Golden boot home?
I really enjoyed playing for Liquid Football a couple of years back, I was inexperienced in men’s football back then and believe I’ve improved a lot so hopefully I can take home the golden boot and help the team win! It’s a really good day and raising money for a great cause is of course the main thing!

The charity we are raising money for this year is the Peterborough based, Free kicks foundation, what do you make of the work they do?
I’ve actually read a lot about Free Kicks and the work they do and it really shouldn’t go unnoticed. There a very few charities of the same style and they’ve changed money young people’s lives for the better. Peterborough United have rightly given them a lot of publicity and hopefully this tournament can help achieve the same thing. Hopefully their good work can continue for years to come.

You’re close friends with Chelsea player Izzy Brown, how has it been seeing him do so well recently?
I’m so proud of Izzy and what he’s achieved. Having seen him play for Histon and locally around Peterborough I could never imagined how far he’d go in the game. The fact he’s so humble as well makes it all so much better. I believe he’ll be a regular for England soon.