Q&A: Matthew Knighton – Diamond Geezers

What’s the story behind the team name?
“Diamond Geezers” was just a random name that we all thought about. None of us take it too seriously but we will give any game our all. But we see it as a bit of fun.

Have you ever entered any other tournaments, as a team?
We have entered only one tournament so far – the Free Kicks Foundation’s event in 2016. We haven’t really been in any leagues

How did you get on?
We didn’t get out of the group. Unfortunately I had a trip booked to Legoland so I missed out. They would have gone through though if I was playing.

Do Diamond Geezers have a game plan going into the tournament?
We have discussed game plans and we have certain players with strengths so we will utilise them.

Which players in your team should your opponents be weary of?
We have two solid goalkeepers; Dan and Dave. Dan is also a great defender and has a mighty shot. Dave on the other hand is an awesome goalkeeper and probably an even better outfield player.

On a personal level, what experiences do you have in the game?
I haven’t really been in any leagues. I play more friendly games and games for Cancer Research. We all use football as a hobby.

You drew against Unity FC in Group B – as you all apparently know each other, there should be a bit of rivalry there. Who’s going to come out on top?
We should be able to do them. But I think they have some fella who is shit-hot. I can’t quite remember his name if I’m honest. There will be some rivalry of course because me, Dave and Dan work with some of them. It’s all light-hearted though

Finally… how do you rate your chances going into the LFT?
I think we stand a fair chance of being right up there. But then I don’t want to underestimate other teams. We will be going in open-minded and looking to have a good session of football.