Liquid Football Podcast Scouting for Players

Do you like talking football, but see yourself more of a Neil “there’s no windows in Liverpool” Warnock than a Gary “insert clever quote here” Neville? Like kebabs and beer and able to get to Peterborough one evening every 4 or so weeks? Then signing up the Liquid Football Podcast might be the dream transfer for you.

With heavy workloads, wives, kids and dogs; getting at least 3/4 people in a room together for an hour once a week isn’t as easy as it sounds, so The Liquid Football Podcast are scouting for a couple of new players to join the squad, either on a loan or a permanent deal, to provide more options to cover minjuries.

If you’re interested in signing up to the best independent football podcast on the planet*, then instruct your agent to fire us an email ( to thrash out contract negotiations.
*may not be true