Promotion or Bust: Is Evans’ New-Look Squad Ready to Challenge?

Peterborough United fan Kelan Sarson from My Posh Season gives his view on the club’s upcoming season.

With all the new signings through the door, predictions for Posh’ forthcoming season are like predicting the Lottery Numbers. Posh are unpredictable to gauge at the best of times, but with countless of new faces in at Posh, that makes the task ever more tricky and turbulent to cast an eye over.

But, with most of the new signings that have joined the new look team, the majority of the 14 have promotion credentials already woven into their resumes; Colin Daniel has won promotion with Blackpool, Bennett with the likes of Rochdale, and Woodyard was a League 2 Playoff Final player last season, even if the game ended in defeat for the ex-Lincoln midfielder. Even so, the squad Evans has assembled and manufactured from last season’s team stands Posh in better stead – the new lads have the nerve required one could argue.

But if the wheels begin to fall off, this would be even more dramatic and chaotic than even Westley’s demise, and far more pandemonium would ensue when compared to the rather drab departure of Grant McCann. However, I am predicting Posh to finally end their playoff hoodoo and clinch a spot within the League One Playoffs – a position Evans knows too well when he got Rotherham promoted via the Playoffs versus Leyton Orient on penalties, matched by his electric run on the side-lines to celebrate.

Will we see this electrifying pace if Posh were to follow suit and finally return to the promised land of the Championship? Let’s just say, this season for Posh is really a case of promotion or bust.

By Kelan Sarson from My Posh Season