The Top Ten Worst Football Tattoos

There’s many ways football fans decide profess love for their club; some will make it their life’s mission to attend every single game, no matter what arse end of the county the Cup draw dictates they must go to. Some even go so far as to change their name by deed poll to that of their chosen club. And then there’s those who decide to scar their skin with their club’s badge or favourite player. But what happens when it goes wrong? Here are the Top Ten Worst Football Tattoos… Remember: think before you ink!

10. At first glance, this Sheffield Wednesday badge looks like a decent enough effort (although it’s now out of date). But there is only problem; The Owls were formed in 1867, not ’77. How can a die-hard fan get it that wrong?

9. As if this tattoo wasn’t a bad enough choice for a ‘tramp stamp’ in the first place; this young lady had the unfortunate experience of hiring a dyslexic tattoo artist to carry out the job of declaring her love for Sir David Beckam.

8. For those who don’t already know the story behind this one: The fact that this chap had his unpleasant bulge – which we have very kindly covered up for you, albeit with his 90s‘tached compo face – printed in all of the national newspapers, is not the most unfortunate part of his tale. This tattoo of Andy Cole in a Newcastle strip was fine for all of two days, before he jumped ship and signed for Manchester United.

7. As Miss Beckam found out, to miss one letter on a permanent tattoo is bad enough, but to add in an extra character is just madness. How did no one notice this monumental foul up before? Or at very least during, the process? I’d keep that covered up, if I was you.

6. When it comes to mentalists in football, few have less loose-screws than Paolo Di Canio. But even he wouldn’t have the balls to do something this bonkers. And whilst victory over your most hated rivals is always sweet and of course is a memory worth cherishing, that there is a tattoo of Paolo Di Canio! The man has got Paolo Di Canio, etched into his skin. For life!

5. There is pledging allegiance to your club, and then there is this. Apparently this devoted Manu fan – who has a cat called Beckham and has even legally changed his name to Manchester United – still lives with his parents. You don’t say.

4. This Leeds United and England nut has taken things to the next level. You only get one face, and he has ruined his. But to be fair, when you look like Frank from Hellraiser in the first place, you don’t really have a lot to lose.

3. Theatre of Screams more like. I’m not sure what compelled this Manchester United fan to get a tattoo of the post-World War III version of Old Trafford.

2. We’ve all had aspirations to pull on our team colours at some point in our lives. But this Atletico Nacional fan decided to act out that fantasy, but on a permanent basis. What a loon!

1. In at number one: This presumptuous Man City fan believed so much in the Sheikh’s cheque book that he got this celebratory piece in advance. Not only did they not win the big one in 2011, they haven’t bought won it ever since either. Maybe one day and a quick scribble over the year and all will be well.